Third Stage Bags


Learn more about artisan bagmaker Cecilia Plum and her new business, Third Stage Bags.

Author Bryce Courtenay wrote, ‘You live your life in three stages: one growing up; one being responsible, paying your mortgage and having kids; and one being yourself.’ I’m now in my Third Stage.
— Cecilia Plum, Founder & Artisan Bagmaker

Third Stage Bags is a new artisan handbag label, the mindful third act of a recent retiree, and the life-long dream of a woman who has loved to sew as long as she can remember. 

Using high-quality, vegan-friendly materials, such as cork, cotton and canvas, bagmaker Cecilia Plum lovingly handcrafts each of her modern, one-of-a-kind bags and accessories in her Burlington, Vermont home studio. 

For each bag she sells through the Third Stage Bags online store, she donates $25 to The Sewing Machine Project, which helps other women all around the world learn sewing skills to improve their own lives.